DL Couch Window Display
 In celebration of the New Year we chose to use two way mirror to get the ultimate reflection and dazzle.  It was loving cut and supplied from a local mom and pop plastics shop.  Rent The Runway is a place to rent cutting edge fashion and they are a hub for women entrepreneurs.   Photography:  Stephanie Bassos
Chicago Community Trust Event Installation
Art Institute Snap Gala Event Installation
 88 Brand Partners approached us to help them activate The Cube at Westfield's Old Orchard Mall for 2015's Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Taking weight off of the very heavy issue of breast cancer we helped them highlight the never ending spirit of survivors and their support community with an epic 30'x30' balloon installation and an expanse of paper butterflies taking flight.    Photography:  Bob Coscarelli
Honey Maid Love Sculpture
Land of Nod Capsules
  Created during tenure at INDO.  For the 100th anniversary of the Highland Park Library a 12' x 4' installation was made using a material of the past: old card catalog cards. Photography:  Julia Stotz